The Royal Veterinary College is not involved in processing your application for a loan, however we can confirm your student status; please direct your queries to the

For an overview of the financial aid process for Canadian students, please visit the Campus Access website

Students should apply through their provincial student assistance office or website. When you apply for a loan, you are considered for funding by both the Provincial and Federal Government, meaning you only have to apply once for funding for the year. Federal loans are processed via the National Student Loans Service Centre and provincial loans through the provincial governments and student aid branches.

General Financial Information

For details on eligibility and how to apply for a Canadian loan, please visit theCanada Student Loans Program website

See Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund for information on scholarships for postgraduate students.

RBC Royal Bank Royal Credit Line

Global Education Management Services (GEMS) are now coordinating with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Royal Bank) to offer the RBC Royal Bank Royal Credit Line® for Canadian Students studying at approved institutions of higher education outside of Canada.

The RBC Royal Bank Royal Credit Line is an excellent way for Canadian students to manage their cash flow and supplement the money they receive from the Canadian government through the Canada Student Loan Program.

Features and Benefits

Flexible limits: Credit lines start at $5,000 for undergraduate students up to $150,000 for students pursuing a professional designation (based on field of study).

Lower interest rate: Competitive interest rates based on the RBC Royal Bank prime rate (Prime Rate):

  • General Undergraduate / Special Programs: Prime Rate + 3.75%
  • Professional programs: Prime Rate + 2.75%
  • Medical / Dental programs: Prime Rate + 1.75%
  • Rate does not increase once the student is required to repay the principal of the credit line. This applies to all programs.

No annual fee: There is no annual service fee or cost to set up the line of credit. Plus, there's nothing to repay if the student does not use the credit line.

Easy to repay: As long as students are in school full-time or part–time, they only have to pay the interest owing on the credit line each month. After graduating, students have up to 12 months before they must start to repay the principal they have borrowed on a fixed re-payment schedule. During this 12-month period, students must continue to pay the interest owing on the credit line.

Convenient and responsible use of credit: The credit line is different than other student loans. It is a revolving line of credit. This means that instead of taking all the money up-front, a student can arrange to have an amount of money available to them each year. Once a student is approved for the RBC Royal Bank Royal Credit Line, they never have to apply again. They can borrow all or any of it, at any time—and they can re-use any or all of it up to the available credit limit once they repay the portion of the principal they have borrowed as long as their account is in good standing.

For further information please visit Global Education Management Services.

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