Congratulations again on obtaining an offer of a place here at the RVC!

We appreciate that deciding where to study Biological Sciences is a difficult task and, with the acceptance deadline looming, you may have questions about where is right for you. This Virtual Offer Holder Day is designed to help BSc/MSci Biological Sciences, BSc Bioveterinary Sciences, BSc Animal Biology, Behaviour, Welfare & Ethics and MSci Wild Animal Biology Offer Holders - giving you the opportunity to learn what the RVC can offer you through online presentations and videos.

Suggested timetable

To make it easier for you our suggestion on how to navigate this Virtual Offer Holder Day is below:

  1. Watch our video on this page which gives you an introduction from our Vice Principal for Students and an overview of what we have on offer across our campuses.
  2. Read the statement from our Vice Principal for Students who provides vital, up to date, information about how the RVC is looking after our students and staff in this challenging time, as well as our plans for welcoming new students and delivering teaching in September.
  3. Click 'Begin Virtual Offer Holder Day' to visit the main page and view our presentations, sample lectures, campus tours, course videos and hear from our last year's Freshers about their first impressions.

We hope you enjoy the experience and if you don't have a chance to view it all don't worry as the presentations from the event will remain live until Friday 19th June 2020.


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