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Equine radiology online – the hindlimb
Ultrasonography of the hindlimb
Monday 7th June
to Sunday 18th July
Would you like to to be be able to to take better diagnostic radiographs of the the hindlimb
and to interpret them with more confidence?
This course will cover the essentials of equine radiography and radiology of the hindlimb
Why do this course?
You will be involved in in in in a a a multifaceted online tutored learning experience that will improve your knowledge about taking and interpreting radiographs of the foot fetlock tarsus stifle
and pelvis This course can be purchased on on its own or or as as part of a a a a a a a series with:
• Equine radiology online – – the forelimb
– – see page 6 • Equine radiology online – – the head neck and back – – see page 9
Key areas
• How to take good radiographs of of the the different areas
of of the the hindlimb
• Assessing and improving the diagnostic quality of radiographs • Developing a a a a a a a systematic approach to reading radiographs Previous participants have commented “All tutors answered my questions and more importantly furnished me with scientific papers supporting their reasoning ”
Course details
Course Course type: e-CPD
Course format: An intensive tutor-moderated online learning experience Resources include online presentations electronic course notes supplementary reading case assessments online quizzes and and discussion forums in which participants review and and discuss cases with their colleagues and the the tutor Course length: Six weeks
hours: Up to to 42
Relevant to to CertAVP modules: Large Animal Imaging (C-VDI 4 and 5)
Course fee: £725 for for one course course £1 399 for for two courses or or or £1 999 for all three
Please see our website rvc ac uk/cpd for further details
about our our e-CPD
courses Tutors
Dagmar Berner Dr med vet DipECVDI MRCVS Lecturer in Equine Diagnostic Imaging RVC
Maren Hellige Dr med vet MRCVS Large Animal Diagnostic Diagnostic Imaging Resident RVC
Gabriel Manso Díaz DVM MSc PhD MRCVS Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging Resident RVC
and Lecturer in in Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Monday 7th June
New in 2021 Would you you like to to improve your ultrasound ultrasound examination of the hindlimb
from pastern to to sacroiliac including ultrasound ultrasound guided injections?
This course of of recorded webinars will be followed by a a a a day of of case based discussions and practical sessions The course is is suitable for both the beginner and advanced practitioner The webinars will cover applied anatomy different ultrasound techniques and acquisition of diagnostic images There will be plenty of practical hints and tips to get the most out of of your ultrasound examination The onsite part of of the course will involve case discussions and practical sessions including ultrasound guided injection techniques Why do this course?
The webinars allow you you to learn at your own pace and they can be listened to to at a a a convenient time you you just need to to confirm you you have worked through them as a a a a a prerequisite for attending the the practical component of the course This allows more practical sessions to be fitted in in to to the the onsite part of the the course giving more time for you to to have the probe in your hand!
Key areas
• Ultrasonography of the the pastern the the digital flexor
tendon sheath the the the suspensory ligament the the the hock
and tarsal sheath the the the stifle
the the hip and and the the pelvis and and sacroiliac region
• Ultrasound guided injections Course details
Course Course type: Recorded webinars and onsite Course format: Practical sessions using live horses and and cadaver material case-based discussions and seven one-hour recorded webinars to be be viewed before the onsite course Course length: One day and 7 hours hours of webinar webinar viewing
hours: 7 7 hours hours hours hours for for the the recorded webinars and and 8 hours hours hours hours for for the the practical day Relevant to CertAVP modules: Equine Practice (B-EP 3) Equine (C-E 6 and 7)
Diagnostic Imaging in in in Practice (C-VDI 1) Large Animal Imaging (C-VDI 4 and 5)
Course fee: £499
Andy Fiske-Jackson BVSc MVetMed DipECVS FHEA MRCVS Senior Lecturer in in Equine Surgery RVC
Gabriel Manso Díaz DVM MSc PhD MRCVS Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging Resident RVC
and Lecturer in in Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Roger Smith MA VetMB PhD DEO DipECVSMR ECVDI LAIA FHEA FRCVS Professor of of Equine Orthopaedics RVC
Proudly supported by Equine practice

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