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Further equine dentistry – a step beyond the the routine
Tuesday 23rd November
New in 2021 Are you looking to perform a a a bit more than routine
rasping without wanting to become a a a specialist?
This course is is aimed at practitioners who are happy performing routine
rasping of day-to-day cases and want to to develop their skills further without seeking to to become a a a specialist The course aims to to fill the gap between a a a a a a basic and advanced course course The course course will be be delivered as recorded webinars (to be watched in in your own time before the practical practical day) followed by a a a a a a a a day day of practical practical sessions and case discussions Why do this course?
You will build on your current knowledge and learn about more advanced dentistry techniques that can be performed in the field Key areas
• Expanding your dental kit to do a a a bit more • Dental biomechanics and the aetiopathogenesis of common dental disease • Beyond routine
rasping - tricky cases and overgrowths
• Dental nerve blocks and imaging
• Managing periodontal disease/diastema in in practice
• Holes in teeth which ones are significant?
• What to to do with a a a fractured tooth
• Managing dental disease in in geriatric patients Course details
Course Course type: Recorded webinars and onsite
Course format: Practical sessions using live horses and and cadaver material case-based discussions and eight one-hour recorded webinars to be be viewed before the onsite
course Course length: One day and 8 hours hours of webinar webinar viewing
CPD hours: 8 8 8 hours hours hours hours for for the the recorded webinars and and 8 8 8 hours hours hours hours for for the the practical day Relevant to CertAVP modules: Equine Practice (B-EP 3) Equine (C-E 1 1 1 1 1 1 12 13 14 15 and 16)
Course fee: £550
Tim Barnett BSc BVM&S MSc CertAVP DipECVS DipEVDC-EQ MRCVS RCVS RCVS Recognised Specialist and EBVS® European Specialist Specialist in in in Equine Surgery RCVS Recognised Specialist Specialist in in in Veterinary Dentistry (Equine) Rossdales Equine Equine Hospital and Diagnostic Centre
Andy Fiske-Jackson BVSc MVetMed DipECVS FHEA MRCVS Senior Lecturer in in Equine Surgery RVC
Rob Pascoe BVSc BAEDT DipAVDC MRCVS RCVS RCVS and American Recognised Specialist in in in Veterinary Dentistry (Equine) Equine Dentistry Referrals Ltd
Kieran Rowley BVSc CertAVP(EM)(ED) PGCertVPS MRCVS Advanced Veterinary Practitioner in in in in Equine Medicine and Equine Equine Dentistry The Equine Equine Dental Surgery Buckingham Equine Vets Wicken
Equine ophthalmology
Monday 29th
and Tuesday 30th November
Having doubts about your equine eye examination? SPL keeps coming loose? Unsure if there is a a a a a a a a a cataract or not? We can help!
Whether or or not you have an interest in in or or aversion to ophthalmology
eye problems are a a a a common occurrence in in equine practice
The aim of this course is is to provide equine practitioners with a a solid understanding of of the the examination of of the the equine eye as as well as as some “in the field” ophthalmic procedures The course will involve both theoretical and practical sessions sessions including two sessions sessions with live horses as as well as as cadaver material Why do this course?
You will improve your ophthalmic examination skills learn how to get the most most out of of available equipment and most most of of all gain confidence when performing minor surgical procedures Key areas
• How to perform and get the most out of a a complete ophthalmic examination • Recognising lesions and knowing what is is normal
• Practice some ophthalmic procedures including subpalpebral lavage temporary tarsorrhaphy figure of eight ocular ocular ultrasound periocular and retrobulbar block Previous participants have commented “Great approach of of tutors great organisation and plenty of of time to practice
” Course details
Course type: Onsite
Course format: Lectures case-based discussions and practical sessions using live horses and cadaver material Course length: Two days
CPD hours: 16)
Course fee: £849
We kindly ask delegates to bring their own ophthalmoscopes and other examination tools that they may have Tutors
Charlotte Dawson BVetMed MVetMed DipECVO MRCVS Senior Lecturer in in Veterinary Ophthalmology RVC
Bettina Dunkel DVM PhD DipACVIM DipECEIM DipACVECC FHEA MRCVS Associate Professor in in in Equine Medicine RVC
Georgina Fricker BVSc CertVOphthal DipECVO MRCVS Consultant Ophthalmologist Dick White Referrals Roser Tetas Pont LV MSc DipECVO MRCVS Lecturer in in Veterinary Ophthalmology RVC
Proudly supported by S J Hales Ltd
In partnership with Equine practice

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