Why are ferret vaccinations important?
Vaccinations help to protect your ferret from severe infectious diseases. It also stops them from passing dangerous infections to other ferrets). You should keep your ferret inside until it has been fully vaccinated. Currently in the UK there are no ferret specific vaccines licensed for use. A dog distemper vaccine is administered to the ferret instead. There is evidence to suggest this is effective although its use is off licensed so each ferret is individually assessed to decide if vaccination is advisable.
There is a small risk of a vaccine reaction which increases with every vaccination they receive and so we recommend they stay in the hospital for 20 – 30 minutes following a vaccination to monitor for any problems. Vaccine reactions are rare and treatable but unpredictable.

How old should a ferret be to be vaccinated?
Ferrets are usually given their first vaccination at 12 weeks, although an additional earlier vaccination may be given in high-risk cases. A second dose is given 2-4 weeks later and then an annual booster. 

How often should ferrets be vaccinated after their first inoculations?
Yearly boosters are given to maintain immunity.

Which diseases do ferret vaccinations protect against?
Ferret inoculations are designed to give protection against Ferret distemper

What is ferret distemper?
Distemper is an uncommon but serious disease in ferrets which generally starts with coughing, sneezing and discharges from the eyes and nose and is invariably fatal.

Who can vaccinate my ferret?
A veterinarian performs a ferret health check and vaccination

What is the cost of ferret vaccinations?
Ferret vaccinations start from £47.25 for a single booster, and £66.70 for the full primary course (2 vaccinations). 
If you are receiving certain state benefits, you may be eligible for discounted rates. See the qualifying criteria on our terms & conditions (LINK)

What happens if my ferret is from a rescue centre?
If you adopt a ferret from a charity, they are often vaccinated before you take them home. Always check with the charity and ask for the vaccination documentation.

What documentation do I need if my ferret has already been inoculated ?
Ask for the vaccination records so you can take them to your vet when they are due their annual ferret booster jab – and you can make a note of the anniversary on your calendar or in your diary!

Where can I get my ferret vaccinated?
Here at RVC Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital we offer a full ferret vaccination and health check services.

When can I get my ferret vaccinated ?
We offer ferret vaccinations from Monday – Friday and at weekends 

How do I book a ferret vaccination appointment?
Firstly, your pet needs to be registered with us.

  • To register online – please complete our registration form (LINK)
  • To register by phone – please call us on 0207 387 8134

Once your pet is registered – we can book your pet inoculation appointment – whether that be for the first course of vaccinations or annual/yearly booster ones.

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