Clinical Service Delivery

We are delivering a normal clinical service inside the hospital and ask that you please book appointments in advance and do not attend the hospital if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19

Face mask policy

From Monday 4th July we are relaxing the requirement for mask wearing inside the hospital. Their use are no longer compulsory but remain encouraged if you wish to wear one.
During your visit, you may be asked to wear a mask by someone who is clinically vulnerable, or in close contact with someone who is clinically vulnerable, and we ask you to respect the needs of our team if requested. There are masks available in reception.

It is critical that we are able to provide services to our patients and not to put our teams at risk. Therefore, we ask that you do not visit the hospital if you are ill, have any Covid-19 symptoms, or test positive for COVID-19.


Please note: We are no longer accepting cash payments. Please bring your bank card or contactless payment device with you to the appointment. When your pet is returned to you, a member of our team will also bring a cordless machine to the door to take cashless payment.

Advice for Pet Owners Showing Symptoms of COVID-19

Pet owners who have symptoms of COVID-19 or who are self-isolating, must NOT come into our hospital (symptoms include but are limited to fever, cough, loss of sense of smell or taste). If you are unsure about your symptoms please refer to the NHS advice: If you are a registered client showing symptoms or self-isolating, and your pet is sick or in need of emergency care, please phone us on 020 7387 8134 so that we can discuss the best way to provide veterinary care. We may be able to offer a telephone consultation for you if a friend or neighbour cannot bring your pet in for you.

Pet Vaccinations

Puppies and kittens: We continue to offer our puppy and kitten vaccination service (Other species' vaccinations also available). There may be a short wait for suitable appointments due to demand. Please phone us to discuss.

Booster/annual vaccinations: We are currently providing limited booster/annual vaccinations on a risk assessment basis due to ongoing supply issues. We will be sending out text and email invitations to book your vaccination appointment when we supply increases. Please phone us to discuss if you are concerned that your pet is high risk.

We are providing limited pet neutering services at present. Please phone us to discuss your booking as we are prioritising pets at high risk of unwanted pregnancy at present.

Advice for referring vets

We continue to offer both emergency and non-emergency referral vet services for cases deemed to be essential for animal health and welfare. We might not be able to accept certain emergency referrals at times depending on our own staffing levels and capacity. Please speak to our Emergency Team if you have an emergency case.

Please advise your clients that they should NOT come to the hospital if they are self-isolating or have symptoms of COVID-19 and to seek an alternative party to bring their pet to us.
Please advise your client that only one person may accompany the pet to the visit.

Telephone consultations are not currently available to book online. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and believe you require a telephone consultation, please contact the hospital on 0207 387 8134

Prescribing medicine for your pet

We are no longer permitted to prescribe medications remotely without examining your pet. If your pet requires a repeat prescription for an ongoing condition and they have been seen within the 3-6 month period that you were advised to follow, you can request your repeat medications online here 

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