Complex case of Doberman ends in success

Complex case of Doberman ends in success

Last updated 16 July 2015

Specialists at RVC small animal referrals have successfully treated a dog that had been suffering from a complex of distressing symptoms for quite some time.

Magic, an 11-year-old neutered female Doberman, presented with a one-month history of vaginal bleeding and a 16-month history of alopecia. She had been treated for urinary incontinence for five years.

By the time she was referred to the RVC, Magic’s vaginal bleeding was continuous and her owners had resorted to using a nappy to absorb the discharge. She had also lost a great deal of fur.

Specialists at the RVC found she had an enlarged vulva and they also conducted blood and urine testing and took an abdominal ultrasound to try to discover the cause of the problem. Other tests - including vaginal cytology and endoscopy, and cystoscopy - were conducted, before a diagnosis of bacterial cystitis and presumptive hyperoestrogenism was made.

The medication Magic had been receiving for her urinary incontinence was changed by the RVC team and she was also treated for cystitis. Within weeks of leaving the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, Magic's vaginal discharge resolved, her fur had regrown and the urinary incontinence had not returned.