27 Corneal ulceration - Part 1

Sun, 9 Nov 2014

Author: Shailen Jasani

Duration: 42:39

Finally some Ophthalmology! Corneal ulceration (ulcerative keratitis) is a problem that is encountered commonly in small animal practice and the approach to treatment depends on a good understanding of the severity of the problem in the individual patient. In this two-part podcast mini-series we start with a refresher of the anatomy of the eye and more specifically the anatomy and function of the cornea. We then discuss causes of corneal pathology and the spectrum of severity in ulcerative keratitis. Examination of the patient and appropriate treatment according to severity are discussed and the podcast mini-series is rounded off with some chat about corneal transplant and a quick tangent on diabetic cataracts! I am joined for this feast of Ophthalmology by Màrian Matas Riera who is a lecturer in Ophthalmology here at the RVC. Part 2 of this mini-series will be uploaded in approximately 3 weeks' time.

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