Payment information

Payment information

Estimated costs are fully discussed with owners during the initial consultation and before any treatment or investigations start. We aim to keep clients informed of any changes to costs and seek agreement before continuing treatment that would push costs above the initial estimate.

Clients are asked for a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost prior to their pet being hospitalised. The full balance is required at the time of discharge. Payment can be made by debit and credit cards or cash.  Please note that we no longer accept cheques.

Direct claims

Clients should contact their insurance company before the consultation to establish the level of cover on the policy. We request that clients bring a claim form to their first appointment, along with policy documents and the initial claim made with the referring vets. Clients will be asked to pay any excess at the consultation.

Clients are responsible for liaising with insurance companies about payment. If the insurance company does not pay the claim, clients are responsible for the full amount.

If an animal is insured and a direct claim has not been arranged in advance with our accounts team, clients are expected to settle the bill in full at the time of discharge. If an animal is insured and a direct claim has been agreed by our accounts team, an administration fee of £25.00 will be payable on each claim.

If clients have any queries concerning payments, please contact our accounts team on 01707 666290.

Estimated costs are fully discussed with owners prior to treatment

Initial payment is made with your veterinary practice

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