Advanced Techniques & Specialist Procedures

Advanced Techniques & Specialist Procedures

Since its establishment as the first veterinary school in the English-speaking world, the RVC has pioneered new veterinary techniques and procedures. We are at the forefront of advancements in veterinary surgery and medicine. Many treatments that our leading specialists pioneer eventually become established in veterinary services around the world, benefiting animals everywhere.

Advanced Technique

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

We are the only veterinary centre in the UK to offer Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT).

The pioneering blood purification treatment can save the lives of poisoned animals and those with renal failure and autoimmune disorders.  

The therapy eliminates toxins, undesired substances (including those found in acute kidney failure patients), and aberrant immunoglobulins which cause various diseases.

Conventional therapy for treating these conditions is often ineffective and most animals either die or are euthanised. Our service makes it possible to treat pets that would not recover in general practice and who would ultimately otherwise die.


A centre of toxicology expertise
The provision of CRRT at the RVC strengthens our position as a leading centre of expertise in toxicology. As well as treating poisoning cases here, our clinicians are at hand to share their expertise with other practitioners and advise on cases.