Virginia Luis Fuentes MA VetMB PhD CertVR DVC DipACVIM DipECVIM

Professor of Veterinary Cardiology

Virginia is head of the Cardiology Service and is particularly interested in cardiomyopathies in cats and mitral valve disease in dogs. She has particular interests in progressing our understanding of the prevalence and progression of feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and defining the key pathological changes in this disease. She is also interested in aortic thromboembolism, and in particular its pathogenesis and risk factors. Virginia also has interests in cross-sectional imaging techniques for the heart, such as cardiac MRI for mitral valve disease and CT angiography for congenital disease. Virginia hopes to improve the management of feline myocardial disease by participating in several prospective longitudinal clinical trials.




Professor of Veterinary Cardiology


Department of Clinical Science and Services

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