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eMedia Showcase

Vets as Global Citizens

This first year BVetMed global citizenship lecture was delivered by Bev Panto on 21st January 2011.

Vets as Global Citizens - presentation title page - follow the link to view the lecture

The presentation and audio were captured and delivered online using Echo360 (click the image above to view the lecture). This technology is widely used at the RVC to enable students to review lectures in their own time. This is invaluable if a lecture is missed due to bad weather or ill health, and it is also extremely popular with students wishing to revisit difficult topics and revise for examinations.

TurningPoint response screen showing graphically the number of responses for each of five possible answersThe lecture also demonstrates the use of TurningPoint, a handheld voting system integrated with PowerPoint, which enables lecturers to ask the students questions, and see the results onscreen.

Picture on the right shows the results (graph at bottom of image) of student voting using TurningPoint ‘clickers’

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