Margaux Corpe (BSc2 student), was awarded an Animal Care Trust summer studentship for the summer of 2017. She worked with Dr Sue Brown on the project "Rostral-caudal gradients in the developing dystroglycanopathy brain"

Margaux explains what her project involved below:   

"My summer studentship project was focused on the rostral-caudal gradient in the cerebellum of the developing dystroglycanopathy brain. Secondary dystroglycanopathies are a group of muscular dystrophies associated with hypoglycosylation of alpha-dystroglycan.   This project lead to the generation of many results which have the potential to be very exciting in terms of scientific progress. In order to confirm our results the experiments would have to be repeated to ensure a pattern.  

This project was truly an eye opener for me into the world of scientific research and has only deepened my curiosity and drive. Overall, this studentship provided me with a priceless experience working alongside amazing scientists to gain further insight into muscular dystrophy."  

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