Presentations given at conferences by students on undergraduate courses at the RVC.

*From 2009 onwards these students have been recipients of LIVE Student Presentation Prizes.


    A Fisher, K Hazuchova, RF Geddes
    Co-morbidities associated with diabetes mellitus in Burmese cats. 


  • BCVA Congress, Southport, October 2019
  • AVTRW Conference, Edinburgh, September 2019

    1. Beth Kraines, (a fourth year BVetMed student) was awarded runner-up for best poster at the AVTRW conference in Edinburgh 2019. The title of her poster was : "Making a move: Do NGF inhibitors alter microvesicle production to induce cell migration?"
    2. Dylan Yaffy, (a final year BVetMed Student) was awarded runner-up for best presentation at the AVTRW conference in Edinburgh 2019. The title of his talk was : Transmission Dynamics of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Amoung Multiple Waterfowl species and Poultry: the impact of migration timing

  • 31st European Veterinary Dermatology Congress, organized by ESVD-ECVD, Abstract Notification, 20 May 2019
    Effect of phenol and formalin on mecA in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius (MRSP) as part of autogenous bacterin formulation 
    Claire Scott (RVC, RP2)


  • BSAVA Congress, 5-8 April 2018
    • Is previous glucocorticoid therapy associatedwith likelihood of diabetic relapse amongcats in diabetic remission?
      Georgia Teesdale Twyford (RVC RP2 BVetMed5)
    • What’s up with Golden Retrievers underprimary veterinary care in the UK.
      Jean Lester (RVC RP2 BVetMed5)
    • Getting under the skin of the Shar Pei usingprimary-care veterinary clinical records
      Alice Leach (RVC RP2 BVetMed5)
    • How common is common? Estimatedprevalence of recurrent seizures disorders incats under primary veterinary care in the UK
      Jordon Egan (RVC BSc BVetMed3)
    • What’s up with sausage dogs: health ofminiature Dachshunds in UK primary practice
      Rachel Ball (RVC RP2 BVetMed5)
    • Deciphering common health issues in Persiancats under primary veterinary care in the UK
      Charlotte Romans (RVC RP2 BVetMed5)


  • British Cattle Veterinary Assoc. Congress, 19 - 21st October 2017, Southport, UK.
    A new molecular diagnostic test to detect Mycoplasma wenyonii in bovine blood.
    Matthew Dolbear; Rycroft AN. Oral presentation 
  • ECVIM Malta Sept 2017
    Cryopreservation of canine cardiosphere-derived cells: Implications for clinical application.
    Dutton LC, Church SAV, Hodgkiss-Geere H, Catchpole B, Huggins A, Dudhia J, Connolly DJ.
  • BEVA Congress, Liverpool, September 2017
    Sire-level analysis of race-day veterinary events and performance in flat racing progeny in Great Britain (2000-2013): a pilot study 
    Sara Rogers, S.M. Rosanowski, Y.M. Chang, A. Stirk, K.L.P. Verheyen
  • ECVECC Congress, June 2017, Dublin
    Pet owners' awareness of animal blood banks and their motivations towards animal blood donation
    Amelia Wilder, Humm K
  • International Sheep Vet Conference, Harrogate, May 2017
    The “aftermath” of SBV in the UK
    Chloe Graham, (presenter Sonja Jeckel)
  • ENDO 2017, Orlando FL, USA, 1-4 April 2017
  • BSAVA Congress, 6 - 9 April 2017
    • Drug Compliance in Canine Epilepsy 
      Samantha Booth
    • Demodicosis in dogs: prevalence and clinical management
      Emily Turgoose
    • Prevalence and clinical outcomes of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs under first opinion veterinary care in the UK
      Sarah Gane
    • Elbow Joint Disease in Dogs Attending Primary-Care Practices in the UK
      Rebecca Hodge
    • Prevalence of disorders in Miniature Schnauzers attending UK primary-care practices
      Charlotte Butcher







  • BSAVA Congress, Clinical Research Abstracts
    • The effect of head positioning on cerebral volumes and on caudal cerebellar herniation in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with Chiari-like malformation.
      Upchurch, J.J., Driver, C., McGonnell, I., Volk, H. A.
  • ACVIM Proceedings, 2011
    • Relationship of cerebellar volume to syringomyelia in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
      Shaw, T.A., McGonnell, I., Driver, C., Rusbridge, C., Volk, H.A.
    • Changes over time in caudal cranial fossa volumes and of cerebellar herniation in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with Chiari-like malformation.
      Hamilton, S., de Risio, L., Rusbridge, C., Driver, D.J., Dennis, R., McGonnell, I., Volk, H.A.
  • Wildlife Disease Association/American Assocation of Wildlife Vets' conference, Quebec, Canada, August 2011
    • Gastro-Intestinal Helminths in three sympatric species, sharing the boundary of the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
      *James Hassell
  • Conference of the European Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Association September 2011, in London
    • Standing Low Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the foot in 205 horses (2007 - 2009) and the analysis of outcome achieved
      *Jonathan Dixon
    • Intra- and inter-observer agreement of radiographic studies for cervical facet joint osteoarthritis in horses
      *Sarah Allen


  • AVTRW Conference
    • The effect of husbandry system on calcium and vitamin D concentrations in eggs from commercial laying hen systems
      *Hannah Hobbs-Chell
  • International Symposium for Equine Reproduction, in Kentucky, USA
    • Regulation of chorionic girdle differentiation by TGFβ signalling pathway
      *Stephanie Richardson
  • BCVA Congress
    • A study to investigate the use and application of BVDV vaccine in UK cattle
      *Dawn Meadows



  • BSAVA Congress
    • Computed Tomographic Diagnosis of Nasal Disease in the Dog
      Stephanie Middleton
  • EAVDI 2008, Annual European Conference, Solvay, Norway
    • The relationship between distal displacement of the distal phalanx measured radiographically and severity of solar lesions in bovine claws
      I Roper
    • Can we teach equine tendon ultrasonography on cadaver limbs?
      M Maidment
  • Medical Innovations 2008, Vienna, Austria
    • Three-dimensional anatomy of the equine check teeth
      Zoe Windley
  • BEVA Congress
    - Congratulations to Casja, Kathryn and Zoe who all won LIVE Student Presentation Prizes for these presentations!
    • Incidence and risk factors associated with exertional rhabdomyolysis syndrome in Standardbred trotters In Sweden
      Casja Isgren
    • A comparison of the short and long-term complications of three techniques for exodontia of cheek teeth in 76 horses
      Kathryn Penn
    • Two and three dimensional computed tomographic anatomy of the enamel, infundibulum and pulp of 126 equine cheek teeth: normal teeth: abnormal teeth
      Zoe Windley


  • American College of Veterinary Radiology for their November 2007 meeting
    • Examining the reliability of cervical vertebral radiography for the assessment of equine cervical articular process joint osteoarthritis
      Victoria Unt
  • BEVA Congress
    • Evaluation of the C-terminal cross-linked telopeptide of type ii collagen (CTX-II) as a potential cartilage biomarker for use in the horse
      Sarah Mack
    • Storage associated artefact in equine muscle biopsy samples
      Charlotte Maile
    • What are the limits of human detection of asymmetry in the motion of equine tuber coxae?
      Rebecca Parkes
  • AMEE Conference
    • Veterinary Podcasting
      Silvia Janska

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