Applying for funding to support research is an important part of academic life and an essential skill for career progression. It can, however, be difficult to achieve this as a contract researcher with limited time and because many funding bodies require the principal investigator (PI) to have a long-term contract.  

The RVC and Researcher Association aim to provide support for contract researchers to apply for funding and develop grant writing skills in a number of ways by:

      • Running regular grant writing workshops.
      • Providing departmental mentors and advisors.
      • Encouraging contract researchers to apply as named co-applicants with PIs.     
      • Allowing contract researchers to apply for the College’s internal grant scheme.      
      • Sharing example grant applications.     
      • Providing internal feedback on grant applications to external funding bodies.

More information about Fellowship calls and training can be found on our intranet webpage and mailing list.

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