We try our best to get together as a research community as often as possible here at RVC.

The Researcher Association organises several events during the year. We focus on Social events to increase our networking opportunities and Career Development events.

Over the last years we have organised:

   Research Highlights

RVC Research Highlights aims to bring together RVC staff, students, friends, families and the local community to share the most up-to-date findings of RVC research, and explore their wider impact on the world. In addition to the interactive stands, it also includes the yearly PHOTO COMPETITION at the event. RVC researchers usually showcase photographs that represent their research under the three categories: ‘Research in Action’, ‘People Behind the Research’ and ‘Nature's Artwork’. The photographs are presented in a gallery in the conference centre, with attendees able to vote for their favourite in each category on the day. The Research Highlights is held annually at Hawkshead.  For 2018 it will be on 14 November.   

Researcher Development Day

The Researcher Development day is organised by HR and the Researcher Association. It is an event directed to post-docs and last year PhD students to give them ideas and tools and help them build up their career in research. The event consist as much as possible of a plenary lecture with a round table discussion with early career researchers. Workshops on specific subjects, including public engagement with science, how to become ‘Ref’-able and networking were the past ones. And "marketplace" and networking event to allow researchers to talk with Alumni, PIs and the industry guests to understand a bit better their path to where they are now.

Social Events

The RA organises four networking events per year. The events are normally hosted at the Haxby and the Buttery simultaneously.

For more information about the events, please click on the expandable links below:

Research Highlights 2017

The Third Research Highlights was held on the 29th of November at the Conference Suites in Hawkshead.

We had 16 interactive stands and a record of 36 pictures in our annual photo competition.

The winner of the Stands was Mutant TB knockout!  led by Dr. Sharon Kendal and Dr Amanda Gibson. They won an amazing Christmas hamper gently donated by Cobb.

And the winner of the Annual Photo Competition was Dr. Jorn Cherney with 3 photos:

Research In Action: Insect-inspired ground sensing in a quadcopter -- My colleague Dr Nathan Phillips modified this quadcopter to illuminate its red lights whenever it senses the ground. Mosquitoes inspired the sensor placement and location because they can sense the ground without vision. I captured this image using a long exposure to capture the flight path, and I used a flash at the end to capture the quadcopter before it flew off. 

Nature's Artwork:  Sasha the Tawny Eagle -- Birds have marvellously morphing wings. We have guided this tawny eagle down a corridor so that we can understand how this and other birds morph in response to gusts and other aerodynamic disturbances.

And People Behind the Research: Late night experimental calibrations --  My collaborator Dr Jonathan Stevenson is shown calibrating an array of cameras with a “T”-shaped wand. Over a dozen cameras are above and below him, which are used to study bird wing morphing. However, before that can be done, the cameras must be calibrated using a number of techniques to achieve a specific accuracy. This was the last calibration of the day and was taken well into the evening. 

We thank all the attendees and all our sponsors!

Researcher Development Day 2017

This was our First Researcher Development Day! And we had 55 attendees and speakers and guests from 11 companies and research institutions!

We learnt about how to get funding, engaging with public, making our networks work and become REFable. The booklet of the day, with all the information and slides of the talks is in our intranet page.

The program was: 

Social Events 2017

Christmas 2017 Meetup

Held at both campuses on the 7th of December.

Halloween 2017 Meetup

Held at both campuses on the 27th of October.

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