We have asked several people who have worked as post docs at The Royal Veterinary College to provide case studies for their career to date and how working at the RVC helped them develop their careers.

These case studies help highlight the opportunities that are available to researchers at the RVC and the diversity of jobs that you can go on to do.

  • Emily Clark
    Research Fellow at the Roslin Institute leading ‘The Sheep Atlas Project’
  • Andrew Clempson
    Research Funding Manager at Cancer Research UK
  • Megan Conroy
    Epidemiologist at the UK Biobank
  • Borja Esteve-Altava
    “la Caixa” Junior Leader Postdoctoral Fellow at the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain).  
  • Marte Farre Belmonte
    Lecturer in Molecular Biosciences, University of Kent  
  • Gareth Maglennon
    Veterinary Toxicology Pathologist at Envigo Ltd
  • Steve Portugal
    Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Physiology at Royal Holloway University of London   
  • Blandine Poulet
    Post Doctoral Research Fellow, UCL
  • Mazdak Salavati
    Research Fellow, Roslin Institute
  • Louise Sherlock
    Development Manager of the Advanced Training Partnership in Intensive Livestock Health and Production at the RVC
  • Sandra Starke
    Chief Scientific Officer at Vision Technologies Ltd
  • Rebecca Sumner 
    Lecturer within HE for the BSc Equine Science with Therapy degree
  • Chris Richards
    Interview with Journal of Experimental Biology (article)

Next Destinations

See Developing our Researchers for ‘Next Destination’ information of previously employed research staff. This highlights opportunities for your own career development and the possible career direction options.

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