Responding to the challenge of MERS-CoV: Development and testing of interventions to reduce risk among Bedouin populations in Southern Jordan

People: Javier Guitian, Jackie Cardwell, Imadidden Musallam, Peter Holloway

In this interdisciplinary research, we study the biological and sociocultural contexts of MERS-CoV among at-risk Bedouin populations in southern Jordan. In particular, we are seeking to understand which individuals, or camels, should be targeted for future vaccination, the correct seasons for the deployment of such vaccines and the sociocultural issues that are driving the infection. 

Sustainable and Healthy Food Systems (SHEFS)

People: Kevin Queenan, Barbara Haesler

The Sustainable and Healthy Food Systems (SHEFS) project aims to provide policy makers with novel, interdisciplinary evidence to define future food systems policies that deliver nutritious and healthy foods in an environmentally sustainable and socially equitable manner. The RVC is partnered with eight other research institutions and will focus on the animal source foods in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Understanding drivers, incentives and economic impact of FMD control in Kenya

People: Polly Compston, Barbara Haesler

The economic impact and control incentives for FMD are poorly understood and likely to vary across livestock systems. FMD vaccines are commonly used for disease control but the success of campaigns depends largely on farmers’ willingness to participate and pay for the vaccine. This project will use quantitative and qualitative methods to understand motivations and barriers for accepting disease control policies, including vaccination. 


People: David Brodbelt, David Church, Kristien Verheyen, Dan O'Neill, Richard Booth, Ana Mateus, Camilla Pegram, Imogen Schofield, Collette Taylor, Noel Kennedy, Rowena Packer

Veterinary Companion Animal Surveillance System: VetCompass is the RVC's companion animal disease surveillance initiative which analyses clinical data from first-opinion small animal and equine veterinary practices, in order to better understand the conditions affecting the nation’s pets. VetCompass studies are specifically designed to contribute towards long-term improvements in companion animal health and welfare. 

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