People: Barbara Haesler, Jonathan Rushton, Houda Bennani, Ana Mateus, Maria Garza Valles, Camilla Benfield, Richard Kock, Marianne Carson, Kevin Queenan, Laura Craighead

The Network for Evaluation of One Health (NEOH) is an international COST funded network which aims to enable evaluations of One Health activities and comparison of initiatives as well as informed decision-making and resource allocation. To this end, NEOH plans to deliver:

  1. A science-based, standardised framework for the evaluation of One Health;
  2. A suite of example evaluations of One Health initiatives;
  3. A networked community of experts collaborating to assess the value of One Health;
  4. A pool of early-stage researchers trained in performing evaluations of One Health activities.

NEOH focuses on an integrated, interdisciplinary evaluation of One Health activities to enhance the evidence base on the added value of One Health. Our activities include the development of an evaluation protocol and guidelines, case studies, comparative analysis, and dissemination. This is an open international network with participants from around the world who are working on One Health and are interested in collaboration, cooperation and networking to promote a common cause. The network can be joined by eligible participants throughout its lifetime.

For further information, please visit the NEOH website.  

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