People: Javier Guitian, Barbara Haesler, Erica Nunney, Imadidden Musallam

As part of the zoonoses and emerging livestock systems (ZELS) initiative, we are working with partners in the different member states of the Inter-State School of Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Dakar (EISMV), a Pan-African public institution of higher education and veterinary research. In Rwanda, in partnership with Rwanda Agriculture Board and University of Rwanda we are conducting cross-sectional studies to assess the frequency and distribution of brucellosis among dairy herds, and longitudinal studies to identify Brucella species causing infection in dairy herds. The project has generated a number of training opportunities, including an RVC distance learning masters’ project and a University of Rwanda PhD project that are currently ongoing and aim at filling knowledge gaps of importance for surveillance and control of brucellosis in Rwanda.

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