AMFORA: Applying a One Health systems modelling approach to formulate strategies for mitigating the risk to human health of antibiotic resistance in Aquaculture

People: Lucy Brunton, Maria Garza Valles, Barbara Haesler, Ana Mateus, Javier Guitian

AMFORA is an RVC-led multidisciplinary project which aims to use a ‘systems-thinking’ approach to map aquaculture systems in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Egypt, and identify potential hotspots for the emergence and selection of resistance and human exposure to antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant organisms. This will enable the identification of potential drivers of ABU and interventions to reduce ABU.

Antibiotic usage on dairy farms in GB: improving data capture and exploring drivers

People: Camilla Strang, Pablo Alarcon-Lopez, Jackie Cardwell, Lucy Brunton

This project seeks to facilitate the development of optimal antibiotic usage data capture mechanisms on dairy farms by understanding the drivers behind efficient data capture and their association with antibiotic usage and health and welfare. The findings from this project will be used to provide recommendations to help support the ongoing work in the development of data recording tools for the dairy industry. 

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