People: Madeleine Campbell, David Mills, Adrian Boswood

The research into the ethics of evidence based veterinary medicine (EBVM) has a strong comparative theme, investigating whether ethical/societal issues already identified in evidence based human medicine are likely to occur in veterinary practice. It also has an international theme, researching whether difficulties in implementing EBVM in less economically developed countries (LEDCs) result from or cause healthcare inequalities.

Key goals of the research include increasing awareness amongst veterinarians of the ethical dimension to EBVM; setting EBVM within an accessible ethical framework; using collaborative exchange of information and expertise between academics, stakeholders and the public to provide possible solutions for cultural and societal issues surrounding the introduction of EBVM, and public engagement which will inform decision-making processes about policy and practice by providers of veterinary care, regulators, stakeholders, and those responsible for implementing public health decisions which link veterinary and human healthcare.  

Madeleine Campbell is particularly interested in investigating the ethical/societal issues relating to data gathering in economically developed and less economically developed countries;  diagnostic decision making (in private, charity and corporate models);  how evidence-based treatment may be constrained, by society, by science, or by policy, and  how adoption of EBVM will affect regulation of the veterinary profession, and the role of the veterinary profession within society.

David Mills is undertaking a PhD with a focus on looking at ethical issues associated with the practice of EBVM in his particular areas of clinical interest, small animal cardiology and emergency and critical care. David is co-supervised by Madeleine Campbell and Adrian Boswood of the RVC, and Michael Reiss of the Institute of Education.

To hear Madeleine speaking at the RCVS Knowledge conference on evidence based veterinary medicine about some of the ethical issues which can arise in EBVM, click: Ethics and evidence-based veterinary medicine

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