Veterinary Ethics and Law

People: Madeleine Campbell

There are multiple projects currently running on veterinary ethics and law.  These include topics of client informed consent, the law and professional conduct related to clinical research, reviews of RCVS Disciplinary Hearings, ethical requirements for publications, the laws of religious slaughter and the social contractual empowerment of the veterinary profession.

Environment, welfare and production of pigs and poultry

People: Siobhan Abeyesinghe, Theo Demmers, Nicola Blackie, Isabelle Pettersson

Pigs and poultry evolved to live in natural habitats which are very different to the environments in which they are frequently housed for farming. This body of work is made possible with our state of the art environmental control research facilities and engineering expertise. It focuses on the impact of artificial environmental husbandry factors on welfare, production and on impact on the external environment, which is critical for sustainability.

Societal impacts on animal welfare

People: Siobhan Abeyesinghe, Troy Gibson

The needs and views of Society dictate how scientific findings are implemented and what issues are investigated scientifically. Human attitudes towards animals can impact on their treatment and consideration as well as standards of welfare maintained.

Wild Animal Welfare

People: Charlotte Burn, Siobhan Abeyesinghe, Troy Gibson

We run various projects on wild animals, ranging from great apes to sunbears. These include projects that form part of the MScs in Wild Animal Biology and Health. Our work also includes looking into ways wildlife is managed and control, including the asking questions on the the humaneness of different culling methods for 'pests'.

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