The 6th Annual CABI and RVC symposium on animal welfare and behaviour

21st June 2017, Royal Veterinary College, London

Companion animals bring benefits to their owners in improvements to physical and mental health, and once the bond is established it can be life changing so that both the owner and the animal get so much more out of life. However these benefits are not always reciprocated and many pets suffer from anxiety and stress, with behavioural problems being the commonest cause of euthanasia of healthy animals. The human-animal bond has implications for animal welfare as well as human well-being, and is important to veterinary practice so that the veterinarian can build a clientele of healthy animals and satisfied clients.

This Symposium, the sixth organized by CABI and the RVC, explores the current knowledge of the cost of the human-animal bond, financially, emotionally and physically, from experts in the field.

We are very grateful for Royal Canin for sponsoring the event.

Prof Daniel S Mills, University of Lincoln
Companion animals: stopping society going to the dogs

Dr Sandra McCune, Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition
From one to one health: connecting the individual with their part in a healthy society through pet ownership

Peter Gorbing, Chief Executive - Dogs for Good
Dogs are good for us

Dr Alex German, University of Liverpool
The psychology of obesity-related behaviours

Dr Siobhan Abeyesinghe, RVC
The human dimension of animal welfare

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