The 5th Annual CABI and RVC symposium on animal welfare and behaviour

22nd June 2016, Royal Veterinary College, London

A symposium discussing how selective breeding for ‘desirable’ traits can ultimately push an animal’s biology to the point where it breaks down, due to increased susceptibility to disease.  Looking at a range of scenarios from working horses in developing countries, dairy cattle in the UK, companion dogs and cats and the work of veterinarians in enhancing animals, this symposium brought international experts in the field to discuss the welfare implications.

Dr Becky Whay, Reader in Animal Welfare and Behaviour, University of Bristol, UK
Hot sun, rough ground, heavy loads and desperate people: The welfare of working horses and donkeys in the Global South

Dr Rowena Packer, Clinical Investigations Research Assistant, The Royal Veterinary College, UK
The relationship between extreme conformation and inherited diseases in dogs

Dr Manuel Magalhães Sant'Ana, European Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law, University of Porto, Portugal
Advanced veterinary treatment in dogs and cats and the (ethical) gap!

Dr Pete Down, University of Nottingham, UK
Maximising welfare in the high producing dairy cow

Peter Jinman OBE, Chairman of the Farm Animal Welfare Committee
Animal welfare, production and sustainability

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