The 4th Annual CABI and RVC symposium on animal welfare and behaviour

17th June 2015, Royal Veterinary College, London

Stress, poor socialization and inappropriate choice of pet lead to welfare and behavioural problems in cats, dogs and over 80% of leisure horses. This can lead to a breakdown of the human-animal bond, contribute to unwanted pets, and can be an underlying factor in human and animal health problems. This symposium brings together experts in dogs, cats, and horses to help understand the links between behaviour and welfare and the science that helps veterinarians and behaviourists advise on prevention or cure.

We are grateful to International Cat Care for providing a report of the event in their third issue of Cat Care 2015 (pages 88-89). 

Dr. Charlotte Burn, Lecturer in Animal Welfare and Behaviour Science & Deputy Head of Group, Centre for Animal Welfare, Royal Veterinary College, London
When the devil makes work for idle paws: how captive environments can lead to abnormal behaviour in animals

Dr. Lisa Collins, Reader in Animal Health and Welfare, Bioveterinary Science School of Life Sciences University of Lincoln
Canine behaviour and welfare: an epidemiological approach

Roly Owers Chief Executive, World Horse Welfare
‘I’m telling you something’s wrong’ – how equine behaviour relates to welfare. Exploring the signs, causes and impact of common equine behavioural problems.

Dr. Tammy King, Pet Behaviour Consultant, WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition Feline behaviour and welfare
How many is too many? Common behaviour problems in multi-cat households and welfare impact

Professor Don Broom, University of Cambridge, UK
Human Faults and Animal Guilt

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