Research Centres and Facilities

We address key questions about how animals are structured and how they move, how movement is controlled and what limits performance.

Test tubes

Clinical trials help us to gain a better understanding of diseases which affect animals and ways in which we can improve animal health and welfare.

Focus Box - RVC Animal Welfare Science and Ethics

Welfare concerns the mind as well as the body. Through research the RVC strives to ensure animals are contented, interested in life and performing well.

Focus Box - Imaging Suite

The Imaging Suite is a purpose-built facility. It contains microscopes capable of experiments ranging from basic microscopy of cells or tissues to complex imaging, including: 3-dimensional reconstructions, live cell imaging, imaging of multiple fluorescent dyes or a combination of them.

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility was created in 2020 at the RVC Hawkshead Campus in a drive to provide state-of-the art imaging facilities for researchers, clinicians and contract workers.

Using powerful imaging capabilities of x-ray tomography we are able to image and analyse a variety of samples, including bones, fossils, soft tissues, insects, synthetic materials and more.

Biology has become increasingly quantitative in the past 20 years. Collaborations among mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists and biologists are becoming an essential part of modern biological sciences.

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