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BVD - Introduction

This is the first in a series of videos which will explore how to control and prevent Bovine Viral Diarrhoea. This video comprises an introduction to the series by the recognised expert in the field Professor Joe Brownlie and past President of the BVA David Catlow.

The other three videos in this series (BVD - The Virus, Parts 1, 2 and 3) can be found on the "Vets" tab.

BVD Podcast

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RVC 09 - BVD/MD (7.1MB MPEG-4 enhanced podcast)

You have no idea what BVD/MD stands for? Then this podcast is made for you. But Professors Joe Brownlie and Dirk Werling will also be able to give those who have heard about Bovine Viral Diarrhoea and Mucosal Disease before an insight into how their work will transform the strategies to fight this major disease in the livestock sector and how it might even have implications for human medicine.

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Is BVD affecting my herd?

Our first webinar for farmers is designed to provide information about the effects of BVD and to help you to determine whether the disease may be affecting your herd. BVD is often perceived as a subtle disease but it is often the underlying cause of major fertility issues and, because it is immunosuppressive,  may also be the cause of significant secondary infections such as pneumonia and scour in calves. For this reason, its presence is not always obvious, but the first webinar will highlight key signs of the disease, its economic effects and its epidemiology.

Achieving a BVD free herd

The second webinar introduces the tests that we have available and how we might start to determine the status of a herd and what we need to do to achieve BVD freedom. This is largely based at the herd level initially, but it is hoped that the BVDFree England scheme will help us achieve national eradication.

BVD - The Virus

This film on the BVD Virus is split into three parts. The first part introduces the members of the Pestivirus family. The second part deals with the genomic structure and the individual genes and their products. The third part explains how the different biotypes are formed and the relationship to the diseases caused by the virus.

The introductory video which accompanies this series can be found on the "General" tab.

BVD - The Virus, Part 1

BVD - The Virus, Part 2

BVD - The Virus, Part 3

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