Liam Good Using antisense agents as antibacterials to target sense messenger RNAs Alternative therapies
Andrew Rycroft Developing vaccines for bacterial diseases in pigs as alternatives to antimicrobials Alternative therapies
Andrew Rycroft Pharmacodynamics and resistance in Pasteurellaceae, primarily Mannheimia and Pasteurella Pathogenicity & resistance mechanisms
Andrew Rycroft Commercial lab-based studies on antimicrobial and antifungal action and resistance (particulary florfenicol) Pathogenicity & resistance mechanisms
Andrew Rycroft Recognising mechanisms of resistance in Pasteurellaceae Pathogenicity & resistance mechanisms
Andrew Rycroft Genome wide association methods to investigate pathogenicity, population structure and serovar in Haemophilus parasuis Pathogenicity & resistance mechanisms
Andrew Rycroft Resistance in Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae isolates from three European countries Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Andrew Rycroft Species structure of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae
Sharon Kendall Identfication of novel antimicrobial resistance targets in zoonotic Mycobacteria using whole genome essentiality screening Pathogenicity & resistance mechanisms
Sharon Kendall Using CRISPRi for the verification of novel antimicrobial resistacne targets in zoonotic Mycobacteria Pathogenicity & resistance mechanisms
Mandy Nevel Alternatives to zinc in pig production, Kings College London, pig industry Alternative therapies
Richard Kock UCL, LSHTM (Biocor funding)
Anette Loeffler Exchange of AMR elements between humans and dogs,  Pathogenicity & resistance mechanisms
Anette Loeffler Antimicrobial resistance in staphylococci amongst UK wildlife (squirrels, foxes, bats) Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Anette Loeffler & Ross Bond PhD student on topical therapy alternatives to systemic therapies in canine pyoderma (fusidic acid, chlorhexidine, gene transfer in S. aureus) Alternative therapies
Ludovic Pelligand & Andrew Rycroft Hollow fibre system for simulating drug ingress and egress from tissues and antimicrobial drug concentrations, UCL/VMD Alternative therapies
Ludovic Pelligand & Peter Lees Vetcast – a European group that defines clinical breakpoints (using MIC data, doses and population pharmacokinetic of antimicrobial drugs)
Ana Mateus FAO review on AMR epidemiology  Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Ana Mateus & Javier Guitian Systematic review on AMR in food at retail level (RVC, FSA funded) Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Ana Mateus & Dave Brodbelt Investigation of extent of antimicrobial usage and risk factors in small animal first opinion practices (PhD) Antimicrobial usage
Ana Mateus Investigation of behaviors and beliefs of veterinarians influencing decision-making involved in the selection of antimicrobial therapy in companion animals (PhD) - K Staerk, D Brodbelt, A Mateus, N Barber, 2008-2010 Antimicrobial usage
Ana Mateus & Dave Brodbelt Investigation of antimicrobial usage in dogs and cats in first opinion veterinary practices in England using VetCompass (RVC, VMD funded) Antimicrobial usage
Ana Mateus Current British veterinary attitudes to the use of perioperative antimicrobials in small animal surgery Antimicrobial usage
Ana Mateus Public health risk of AMR transfer from companion animals  Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Ana Mateus Antibiotic use in companion animals: a mixed methods anthropological study (LSHTM/ RVC; Bloomsbury PhD) Antimicrobial usage
Ana Mateus How do policymaker perceptions of antimicrobial resistance drive behaviour and policies for appropriate antimicrobial use? A case study of Pakistan Antimicrobial usage
Javier Guitian & Ana Mateus Preproposal to EU H2020 led by Utrecth University and focused on AMU and AMR in pig farming in EU and China Antimicrobial usage
Javier Guitian & Ana Mateus Unsuccessful applicaton to JPIAMR to carry out work on AMR in pigs and pig farmers in several european countries Antimicrobial usage
Lucy Brunton Antimicrobial usage and feeding practices on UK dairy farms  Antimicrobial usage
Lucy Brunton Epidemiology of ESBL E. coli on UK dairy farms Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Kate Mellor, Stuart Reid Long term trends and patterns in AMR among bacterial isolates from multiple animal species over 20 years (LSHTM/RVC/Sanger/APHA PhD) Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Katharina Staerk, Ana Mateus, Barbara Haesler, Houda Bennani Assessment of effectiveness of AMR strategy in the UK in human and veterinary medicine (LSHTM/RVC, funded by the Department of Health, UK) Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Kevin Queenan, Barbara Haesler, Jonathan Rushton Review of Surveilance Systems and building a business case for a OH approach (FAO/RVC/LCIRAH);  Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Kevin Queenan, Jonathan Rushton Lit review of veterinary Antibiotic usage in livestock and aquaculture in Africa (OIE/WB); Uganda case study for Rapid assessment of antimicrobial use in animals and antimicrobial resistance in low and middle income countries - contribution to World Bank global report on the Economic Cost of Antimicrobial Resistance  Antimicrobial usage
Barbara Haesler Integrated surveillance system evaluation for antimicrobial resistance at the human-animal interface (led by University of Montreal, Canada) Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Houda Bennani, Barbara Haesler, Katharina Staerk Evaluating antimicrobial resistance surveillance in the United Kingdom from a one health perspective (PhD, LSHTM) Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Steven van Winden, Liam Good Evaluating prevalence of AMR genotype in S aureus mastitis cases, and relating this with phenotypic and management variation. Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Pablo Alarcon Evaluation of AMR scanning surveillance in England and Wales Epidemiology & surveillance
Pablo Alarcon Antimicrobial residues in dairy value chain in Kenya Epidemiology, economics
Camilla Strang, Lucy Brunton, Pablo Alarcon, Jackie Cardwell Antibiotic usage on dairy farms in GB: improving data capture and exploring drivers AMU, epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Lucy Brunton, Maria Garza, Barbara Haesler, Ana Mateus, Javier Guitian AMFORA: Applying a One Health systems modelling approach to formulate strategies for mitigating the risk to human health of antibiotic resistance in Aquaculture Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Solomon Olorunleke, Lucy Brunton Molecular Analysis of the Prevalence of Antibiotics Resistance among Enterobactericeae in Food-Producing Animals and Humans in South-Eastern Nigeria Epidemiology & surveillance
Doaa Elkholy, Dave Brodbelt, Richard Booth, Lucy Brunton, Noel Kennedy, Ana Mateus, Dan O'Neil Antimicrobial usage in farm animal veterinary practice in the UK: A mixed methods approach (LSHTM) Antimicrobial usage
Maria Garza, Barbara Haesler, Lucy Brunton A typology of interventions to reduce antimicrobial usage in aquaculture Antimicrobial usage
Maria Garza, Lucy Brunton, Barbara Haesler Can better governance reduce antimicrobial usage? An assessment of Vietnamese aquaculture systems AMU, epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Liam Good Formulation of PHMB-based nanoparticles for targeted killing of zoonotic fungi (UCL, Blueberry Therapeutics)  Alternative therapies
Ludovic Pelligand PK/PD-informed clinical breakpoint determination for colistin in chicken to limit emergence of resistance and improve One Health antimicrobial sustainability (LSHTM) Pathogenicity & resistance mechanisms
Barbara Haesler, Houda Bennani, Ana Mateus Convergence in evaluation frameworks for integrated surveillance of AMR Epidemiology, surveillance & economics
Anette Loeffler & Sian-Marie Frosini PET-Risk: Transmission of multidrug-resistant bacteria between pets and humans during different types of animal infection
Fiona Tomley, Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Guillaume Fournié, Barbara Häsler, Androniki Psifidi, Nicola Lewis, Damer Blake, Ludovic Pelligand, Dirk Pfeiffer and Oliver Pybus GCRF One Health Poultry Hub
Ben Swift Development of rapid diagnostics to detect AMR mycobacterial infections Pathogenicity & resistance mechanisms
Martin Walker, Joanne Webster A data sharing platform to improve treatment outcomes in neglected tropical diseases (funded by Wellcome with Infectious Disease Data Observatory, University of Oxford) Anthelmintic drug efficacy
Claire Heffernan  Supporting Evidence-Based Policy: a longitudinal study of AMR risk behaviours among livestock keeping communities in India and Kenya Antimicrobial usage
Liam Good, Steven Van Winden Polyplex nanoparticle for mastitis control Alternative therapies
Liam Good Antimicrobial nanofibers Alternative therapies
Martin Walker, Joanne Webster A data sharing platform to improve treatment outcomes in neglected tropical diseases (funded by Wellcome with Infectious Disease Data Observatory, University of Oxford) Anthelmintic drug efficacy
Joanne Webster, Martin Walker, Barbara Heasler ZELS SR - CATTLES (2019-2021) where we are evaluating drug (praziquantel/PZQ) efficacy in livestock, together with facilitating access to veterinary-formula PZQ, implementing a T3 policy, and modelling resistance risk etc .  This follows on from the recently finished BBSRC ZELS SHEEP  (2015-2019)– where we evaluated PZQ efficacy in both humans and livestock across West Africa (PI myself) Anthelmintic (PZQ) drug efficacy, usage, resistance risk  amongst livestock, modelling
Joanne Webster, Martin Walker, Elsa Leger Bloomsbury set (2019-2021) were we are evaluating and optimizing novel diagnostics to test of schistosomiasis in livestock and risk of emerging drug resistance Diagnostics, PZQ efficacy, social uptake, modelling
Joanne Webster, Martin Walker EDCTP FibroScHot (2018-2022) where we have an major component on the population genetics and genomics of PZQ efficacy  PZQ efficacy, epidemology, genetics and genomics
Joanne Webster Wellcome Trust (2018-2022)  Genomics of PZQ Resistance. This follows on from a recent MRC one on the genomics of PZQ Resistance, both in partnership with Sanger Genomics of PZQ-R
Joanne Webster WHO (2018-2019)  Assessment of anthelminthic drug efficacy of single dose praziquantel against schistosomiasis (PI myself with partners in Belgium, and WHO of course, where I head the PZQ drug efficacy working group/expert advisor on NTD drug efficacy working group etc. Epidemiology and population genetics of PZQ-R
Joanne Webster NIH.  (2016-2021) Genetic basis of PZQ-R  (here I am Co-I, with PIs in the US. Genomics of PZQ-R


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