The RVC's Brain Health and Behaviour research group are a collection of researchers and veterinary clinicians, with expertise in neurobiology, neurology, neurodevelopmental biology, neuropathology, neuroscience and ethology; who are creating and executing interdisciplinary research projects tackling some of societies major problems.

Transgenic expression of GFP in neurons in a zebrafish embryo
Immunofluorescence highlighting dividing cells in the zebrafish embryonic retina

Our studies range from cognitive and behavioural dysfunction, through pain and anaesthesia, to the effects of lifestyle and ageing to behaviour, emotion and welfare, spanning all life stages of humans and animals. We employ a wide range of cellular models, both small and large model organisms, veterinary patients and surveys, as well as molecular, cell and developmental biology and extend our capabilities through a myriad of national and international external collaborations.

The research group is within the RVC Comparative Physiology and Clinical Sciences programme.

The team is led by Claire Russell who is supported by deputy leader Maria Diez-Leon, and consists of researchers from all RVC departments.

The group includes members from the Animal Welfare Science and Ethics group and the specialist Brachycephalic Research Team.

Papers published by members of the Brain Health and Behaviour research group can be found in the RVC Publication Database.

People in this Research Group

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