Published: 14 Jun 2017 | Last Updated: 14 Jun 2017 10:10:04

Congratulations to Emi Takahashi who was awarded the prize for the best presentation at the British Federation of Women Graduates Research Presentation Day which was held on 10th June 2017.   The title of Emi's talk was "Identifying areas at risk of disease outbreaks using geographic information systems (GIS)" in which she gave a general introduction to epidemiology and how spatial analysis is used to identify areas at risk of disease before providing a brief summary of the results of her MRes project (Predictive mapping of the cutaneous leishmaniasis vector (Phlebotomus papatasi) in Jordan using a multi-criteria decision analysis approach).

Emi is one of our students on the OIE Veterinary Education Twinning Programme between the RVC and the Jordan University for Science and Technology.

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