Please note that the laboratory is located at the RVC Camden campus. Please ensure you use the correct address for shipping samples.

Sample submission

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please contact the laboratory at least a day in advance to ensure we know when to expect delivery. Samples should not be sent out on a friday as they cannot be processed over the weekend and will be wasted. We recommend that you contact a reliable courier for shipment prior to obtaining the biopsy sample.

Note that for a thorough pathological evaluation we require a fresh muscle biopsy that is sent to the laboratory chilled (on ice packs). Keeping the sample cold, but not frozen is crucial to avoid artefact. Although we also suggest that you send a biopsy sample fixed in formalin, this latter sample is only used as a back up, in case of unexpected delays. Many routine tests cannot be performed on formalin-fixed muscle.

Please collect and package muscle biopsy samples according to the details on the information Sheet , complete a Submission Form , and send to the laboratory in a clearly labelled polystyrene box, using the appropriate Address Label . For further details about packaging samples, please contact the laboratory.

The appropriate International Shipment document should be included with your courier documentation. The package contents should be valued at "Zero" to avoid delays in customs.

Import to the UK from continental European Countries

For other countries please contact the lab in advance.

Blood samples (for DNA): we are currently banking DNA samples from animals with neuromuscular diseases, and we encourage you to send in a sample of blood in EDTA(approximately 10ml). Client details will remain confidential. Blood samples can be sent together with muscle samples in the same package. For genetic testing for polysaccharide storage myopathy.


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