The Research Strategy Committee's (RSC) aim is to oversee, co-ordinate and further develop the College's research activities. 

The committee does this through the formulation and implementation of a Research Strategy which it recommends to the Academic Board. The committee also safeguards and promotes excellence in the College's research. That includes ensuring that procedures are in place to promote the professional development of research staff and that there are regulations that assure the quality of the research that is conducted. The College's research facilities are also monitored and recommendations are made by RSC to the College Executive Committee about their suitability. The committee administers the College's Internal Grants Scheme.

The RSC co-ordinates the College's submissions to research assessments that are conducted by external organisations. It also monitors national and international developments in research that might affect the College and devises an appropriate response. The committee works closely with the Research Degrees Committee to ensure that research degrees activity fits within the overall research strategy.

Members are:

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