Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID19, the original REF timetable has been delayed by the REF director.

The REF Director announced the delay in late March, 2020. The official communication states that the exercise is "on hold until further notice": 

This means that the submission deadline on 27 November 2020 will no longer apply, and we will announce a new submission deadline no later than eight months prior to the deadline. We will ensure full allowance is made for the impact of coronavirus across affected areas of submissions. The funding bodies recognise the significant effort that has been invested so far by institutions in preparations for the current REF cycle. In view of this, and following the Minister’s advice to universities on supporting their staff, the REF staff census date (31 July 2020) remains unchanged.

It further notes the intention of the REF bodies to consult on the adapted details of the REF framework and timetable. The original REF timetable is posted below for posterity (and indeed, the census date for staff cutoff still applies):

7 June 2019 Deadline to submit CoP
Autumn 2019 Survey of submission intensions
Early 2020 Formal release of REF submission systems
31 July 2020 Census date for staff; end of assessment period (impacts, environment, data)
27 November 2020 Closing date for submissions
31 December 2021 Publications cut-off date
Spring 2022 Publication of submissions, reports, etc

Code of Practice

Our Code of Practice has been accepted by Research England as meeting the published requirements set out in the REF2021 COP Guidance (REF 2019/03) and is available for download here.

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