The Royal Veterinary College submitted 11 case studies to REF 2014, from its excellent research, published during the period 1993 to July 2013 and demonstrating impacts occurring between 2008 and 2013. 

The studies covered the broad range of excellent research at RVC, historical and current, and impacts spanning commercial and economic value; health and welfare advances with both veterinary and medical applications; social impact through public engagement; and developments in government policies and professional clinical practices of both national and international significance.

The impact case studies (redacted for publication where required) are available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license and can be downloaded as below:

The Royal Veterinary College is delighted that one of our case studies has been included in the "top 20 REF case studies of UK research having an impact on global development" that has been put together by UKCDS.  UKCDS selected 20 stories (out of the 6,975 impact case studies that were submitted to REF) that they judged as being the most impressive examples of UK research contributing to global development.  A team of science writers then worked with the relevant researchers and universities to re-write the case studies into engaging stories.  Our case study on the threat of Avian Influenza was chosen.  

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