The Green route to Open Access is freely and equally available to all RVC academic researchers via the RVCs own repository, RVC Research Online, which is accessible to the public through the RVC Research website.

Green Open Access (OA) constitutes publication in the journal with subsequent deposit in an Open Access repository such as RVC Research Online. More specifically, the version of the published research paper as accepted for publication in the chosen journal, including all changes resulting from peer review, but not necessarily incorporating the publisher’s formatting or layout, is archived and made accessible in an online repository other than one run by the publisher within the time deadlines set out in the funder policy.

Again, the aim is to maximise exposure to the research findings. Ideally, such papers should be made Open Access immediately at the time of on-line publication in the journal. However, in practice the Research Councils will accept that access may be restricted to comply with an embargo period imposed by the publisher, provided that this is no longer than the maximum period mandated by the Research Councils.

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