What do I need to do?

 Before staff are moved to the new SfB solution, IT will contact affected members of staff to organise a convenient time with plenty of notice and guidance.

Will I still have the same phone number?

Yes, your extension will not change.

Can I still access my voicemail?

 All users, except for Students, will be setup with voicemail.

How do I use my new phone?

We will soon publish easy to follow guides on the RVC website, but do not worry, when we come to install your phone, we will go through the use of new phone system.

How will I make video calls; I do not have a webcam installed on my computer?

We will install a webcam on your computer if you do not already have one.

Can I use a headset with the new telephone system?

Yes, you will be able to use a headset to make and receive calls. All computers will be loaded with the SfB software, which will allow you to make voice/video calls, take part in meetings and instant messaging.

Can I use a group pickup on the new phone system?


What is the difference between RVC Skype for Business and public/consumer Skype?

Microsoft bought Skype in 2011 and have had a strategic plan to link the Skype consumer platform and its enterprise telephony system called Lync 2013.  As a consequence, Microsoft rebranded Lync as Skype for Business in April 2015.

It is possible to have one-to-one calls between RVC Skype for Business and Skype.

Please note, the Skype for Business telephony solution runs on RVC server infrastructure in the data centres at the Camden and Hawkshead campuses which gives RVC infrastructure services full control over the quality and reliability of the solution. Whereas the public/consumer Skype is out of RVC infrastructure services control and purely managed and hosted on Microsoft’s consumer network.

There are several points to note:

  • You cannot establish multi-party calls (only one-to-one)
  • Public/consumer Skype users need to associate their skype account with a Microsoft (hotmail/live/outlook.com etc.) account
  • RVC Skype for Business includes a directory of all the College user accounts. The consumer version of Skype does not offer this functionality

Are all the Skype for Business features available to Students?

No, Students will be able to use all the SfB application, however, the following features are only available to Staff:

  • Voicemail capability
  • Ability to dial PSTN numbers (external calling)
  • SfB conferencing with the ‘Join by phone’ feature
  • SfB conferencing between 250 participants (students have been limited to 50 participants per conference)

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