The Royal Veterinary College's Farm Animal Clinical Centre (FACC) aims to provide an excellent and comprehensive clinical service in the diagnosis, treatment and care of individual farm animals and camelids in the UK.  

We treat all farm animal species, including camelids (alpacas and llamas), goats, sheep and cattle. We are equally happy to accept referrals of animals from commercial farms, small-holders and other keepers. We aim to provide excellent communication between clients, referring veterinarians and, where appropriate, are happy to discuss and help with herd or flock management especially when integrated with individual cases that have presented.

We are available for advice, emergency referral and routine cases and provide a tailored service for animals from working farms suited to our teaching facility.  

The FACC offers a 24-hour referral service for first opinion practices and is situated at the RVC's Hawkshead campus near Potters Bar. Case management is by a dedicated team of accredited and internationally recognised specialists, supported by veterinarians undergoing further specialist training, qualified veterinary nurses and technicians. We offer a comprehensive service and facilities including medicine, surgery, diagnostic imaging and critical care.  

We are always happy to discuss any cases and answer any queries, please contact us on 01707 666297

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