The Imaging Suite is a purpose-built facility capable of undertaking microscopy ranging from basic microscopy of cells or tissues up to complex imaging including three-dimensional reconstructions, live cell imaging, imaging of multiple fluorescent dyes or a combination of all of these. All operations in the Imaging Suite are overseen by an experienced technician. 


Wide field light and fluorescence microscopes

These are used for normal imaging of cells or tissues, which might be stained with coloured dyes, fluorescent dyes or left unstained. Samples imaged may be entire tissues down to just a few cells.  

Confocal microscopes

Confocal microscopes are used to enhance optical resolution and contrast of an image by using point illumination and a spatial pinhole to eliminate out-of-focus light in specimens that are thicker than the focal plane. This enables the construction of three-dimensional structures from single-plane images.  

Live imaging

We have a microscope maintained at 37°C, with a supply of humidified 5% CO2 which allows imaging of living cells over periods of up to several hours.  

Image analysis

We have a range of software packages for the manipulation and quantitation of images you collect in the Suite.  

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