Saturday 5th October
from 9:30am

Hatfield House
Great North Rd, Hatfield, AL9 5HX


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Join our family fun run (or walk!) in the beautiful grounds of Hatfield House and raise money for the Animal Care Trust to support our animal hospitals that care and treat over 25,000 pets every year, develop research, and assist our vets, nurses and scientists of the future.

You can run or walk around the two-mile course in this magnificent park, which takes you into nature and through some optional obstacles. The obstacles are for fun, but make sure you are up to the challenge before taking them on. Friends and family are welcome to watch, and you and your pups can visit our stalls where there will be plenty of food and drink to get your energy back!


The Fun Run


Loosen up and stretch out at the group warm-up session

Ready, steady, GO!


You can take on the fun run as a dog and human team, a dog and family team, or on your own/in a group without a dog. After finishing, you will be awarded with a Mucky Pup Fun Run medal which you can wear with pride!




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We ask each Mucky Pup Fun Runner to raise at least £20 to help us support the world-class care given at the RVC hospitals, and if you are running as a family we encourage you to fundraise as group! The more you raise, the bigger the difference we can make.


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Note: We will have a vet available during the fun run to help any dogs that are having trouble. We are expecting a large number of dogs to attend the fun run, and some dogs are friendlier than others - we cannot take responsibility for any accidents that may occur, such as nips and bites. We strongly recommend that all dogs are kept on their leads at all times.


Mucky Pup training

The fun run is open to all, whether you are in top physical shape or just want to have a fun day out. You can try to complete the course in record time, or take it at your own pace – there will be support along the way. The obstacles on the course are optional, so should only be taken on if you are confident in your ability and your dog’s ability to complete them.

Dog check-up – before training with your dog, you should have a check-up with your vet to make sure they are capable. You can receive recommendations on your dog’s fitness level, and the best way to increase their exercise so that they are prepared. This is especially important if your dog is older or overweight.

Slow and steady – if you normally walk your dog for less than two miles, it is best to build your dog up to this distance by increasing the length and duration of walks and runs over time.

Dog knows best – if your dog is showing signs of tiredness or overheating, make sure you tend to them. Bring water with you, take plenty of breaks, and avoid surfaces that could hurt their paws!

On the lead – our fun run is completed with dogs on their leads. Make sure you get plenty of practise running or walking alongside your dog so that you are both comfortable. We also recommend that you use a harness to avoid any sharp lead movements causing harm to your dog’s neck.

Hatfield House

The Mucky Pup Fun Run is being held at Hatfield House. The country house, built in 1611, sits inside a sprawling, 42-acre woodland estate. The two-mile course for the fun run will take you from our start line situated near the House, and into the estate, passing the lake and traversing the nature trails in a loop, leading back to the finish line.

Get social

The best way to raise even more money is to tell as many people as possible what you are doing. To do this, make sure you tag the Animal Care Trust in your social media posts for the event. You can also send us updates on your training and some pictures and we can share them.

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Can we take part in the fun run even if I don’t have a dog?
Absolutely. Anyone can join the fun run.

Will the fun run still go ahead if it’s raining?
Yes, as long as you and your dog don't mind getting a little wet and muddy.

If we get muddy can we hose down somewhere afterwards?
We will set up a cleaning area for you and your dog after the fun run.

Will water be provided?
Yes, water will be provided for you and your dogs.

Can young children take part in the fun run?
Yes, the obstacles will be easy and are completely optional, so if you do not think you can complete it, you can skip past it.

Can I bring a buggy to the event?
Parts of the fun run may not be suitable, and we do not recommend trying to take on any obstacles with a buggy. The main field is fully accessible, so you can bring a buggy to the stalls where other activities and refreshments will be.

Want to know more?

If you have questions about the fun run, or would like tips for raising money, please email us at and we will be happy to help.

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