Published: 15 Jan 2021 | Last Updated: 15 Jan 2021 09:16:48

Last Autumn, the RVC Animal Care Trust began fundraising for £119k to buy a new ophthalmology microscope for the RVC Small Animal Referral Hospital. Throughout December, our wonderful supporters managed to raise £10,000 towards our total, and then we received the truly wonderful news that Dennis and Pat Myers wanted to donate the entirety of the remaining funds.

Ophthalmology microscope at the RVC Small Animal Referrals Hsopital
Dr Charlotte Dawson and Dr Maria-Christine Fischer of the RVC Ophthalmology team welcome the new microscope

Dennis and Pat were inspired to make their donation after losing their beloved dog Sophie last year who experienced a number of issues with her eyes.

Dennis commented: “Sophie really enjoyed life. She would run all over the place, swim across creeks and go up and down the cliffs. She was so naughty but so loveable. Unfortunately, when she lost her sight, she didn’t cope well with it. It could be that this microscope could have saved her sight and we really hope that it will save the sight of many cats, dogs and other animals in the future.”

The RVC Ophthalmology team treats dog, cat and other small animal eye conditions and also offers a service to the RVC Equine Referral Hospital. There are a number of different procedures carried out by the team, including cataract surgery and corneal reconstruction surgery, and this highly specialist microscope will play a vital role in the success of eye surgery while reducing the stress on patients. The microscope is also equipped with a keratometer which will enable the team to perform retinal procedures which were previously not possible.

The ACT and everyone in the RVC Ophthalmology team are extremely grateful to everyone who supported the funding of this new microscope, but especially Dennis and Pat whose generous donation helped us to reach the fundraising target and start making a difference to lives of animals requiring eye surgery.


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