Supporting the Digital Learning Environment

The RVC's Digital Learning Environment, RVC Learn, is used at the RVC to enable students to access their course materials online. It provides one central area for students to review class materials, to participant in online tests and directed learning sessions, and to collaborate with their peers and communicate with their tutors. Learn securely provides students with access to relevant content such as videos of clinical procedures. 

Digital video & Lecture Capture

Many aspects of the teaching of veterinary medicine lend themselves to video capture. The College has initiated a number of project in this area which have been well received by students. These include video recording or surgical techniques, clinical skills, dissections and information videos on the use of the library.

All lectures in the Lecture Theatres are recorded using Echo360 and securely published in RVC Learn.

Computer Aided Learning

The College has been active in developing a wide range of CAL packages in collaboration with the other UK veterinary schools. Examples of some of the RVC packages currently being used by students both in London and at the other schools can be found here. Learning Technology and Innovation helps academic staff to create online tutorials and quizzes to support their teaching in both scheduled sessions and self-directed study.

Developing podcasts, wikis and blogs including collaborative projects with other institutions

New "Web 2.0" technologies such as blogs, wikis and podcasting are increasingly being used by students to support their learning. The College has responded to these new developments by assisting students to record lectures for later download on MP3 players, and by piloting an automatic lecture recording system (Echo360). The RVC is also a lead partner in the WikiVet project, a collaborative initiative between the UK vet schools to develop a comprehensive online veterinary knowledge base, available to vets worldwide.

Development and support of the College intranet

The College intranet is used on a daily basis by all staff and students. It is available on and off campus and is closely linked to other systems such as College timetables, Staff Directory and the VLE. Users can customise the interface to suit their needs and post their own messages.

Supporting Computer Aided Assessment for formative and summative assessment

The RVC uses Computer Aided Assessment (CAA) throughout the curriculum for self-directed study, scheduled formative quizzes and summative assessments. Learning Technology and Innovation supports a range of tools.

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