Learning Technology and Innovation's main role is to support the adoption of e-learning across the RVC curriculum.

It takes a proactive approach in reviewing new technologies and identifying those that have a value for the RVC. This requires horizon scanning which is only possible for a small College by collaborating with others. Partnerships through the Bloomsbury Learning Environment and the WikiVet project amongst others have helped provide this wider network ensuring that the RVC remains among the leaders in the use of e-learning within the UK and also internationally.

The RVC was one of the first Higher Education institutions in the UK to develop an e-learning strategy. This strategy maps out how the College uses e-learning or technology enhanced learning to support the student learning experience. It is clear that technology is going to have an ever greater role to play in future in the way we teach our students - so it is essential to have a strategic vision of how the College could best benefit from these new opportunities.

More examples and information about some of these activities can be found on the Current Projects site. We also have a Showcase site which includes a portfolio of some of our past projects.

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