The Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement Procedure for the  Monitoring and Review of Courses    includes details of the processes for the completion of Annual Quality Improvement Reports (AQIRs) and for the approval of proposed changes to courses.

Templates for completing 2018-19 Annual Quality Improvement Reports are uploaded here for the following courses:

UG Year Leader AQIR template   

Applicable to:                                         

BSc BioSciences/MSci Year 1
BSc BioSciences/MSci Year 2     
BSc BioSciences/MSci Year 3
MSci Applied BioSciences Research (Year 4)
MSci BioSciences Research Pathway (Year 4)
MSci WAB (Year 4)
BSc Animal Biology, Behaviour, Welfare and Ethics
BSc Animal Health and Disease
BSc Comparative Pathology 
BSc Certificate in Work Based Learning Research
Graduate Year
BVetMed Year 1
BVetMed Year 2
BVetMed Year 3
BVetMed Year 4
BVetMed Electives AQIR template          BVetMed Electives
BVetMed Intramural Rotations Feb 2018 Intake AQIR template BVetMed Intramural Rotations

UG Course Director Overview AQIR template

Applicable to:

BSc/MSci BioSci suite of courses   
Course Director Veterinary Nursing AQIR template  

Applicable to:

FdSc/BSc Veterinary Nursing  
Grad Dip in Professional and Clinical Veterinary Nursing 

PG Course Director AQIR template

Applicable to:

MSc One Health
MSc Veterinary Epidemiology
MSc Veterinary Education
MSc Wild Animal Biology/Wild Animal Health
MSc Intensive Livestock Health and Production
Grad Dip Equine Locomotor Research
PG Dip in Veterinary Clinical Practice

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