Department: Pathobiology and Population Sciences

Campus: Hawkshead

Research Groups: Sustainable Food Systems, IRLFS (Research Programme), CPCS (Research Programme)

Dr Zhangrui Cheng is a Research Fellow in Reproduction, Veterinary Pharmacology and Bioinformatics.

I received a bachelor degree of veterinary medicine from Hunan Agricultural University (China) in 1982. After completing my MSc degree in Beijing Agricultural University and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS) in 1984, I worked in Lanzhou Institute of Animal Science and Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, CAAS as a research fellow for 8 years. I undertook a number of research projects, including “blood rheology and dynamics and their uses in veterinary medicine and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine”, “Developing the computer programme software for pharmacokinetics (PK) modelling and analysis” and “Epidemiological studies on reproductive diseases in dairy cows”.

In 1993, I moved to the Department of Veterinary Pharmacology, Glasgow University to undertake research leading to a PhD. My research work was to investigated 1) the PK/pharmacodynamics (PD) behaviours of some non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in plasma and inflammatory site using donkey, goat and sheep as models and 2) the cyclo-oxygenase isoenzyme selectivity of NSAIDs to determine the therapeutic and side effects of NSAIDs.

Since 1997, I have joined the Royal Veterinary College based on the Reproduction group in Hawkshead campus. Working with Professor DC Wathes, I have developed my knowledge and experience in reproductive physiology and nutrition with particular interests in effect of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFAs) supplementation on reproductive processes and diseases. I have also worked with Professor P Lees to investigate the PK/PD processes of NSAIDs and antimicrobial drugs in farm animals. Based on the requirements of the research activities, I have also developed my interests, knowledge and skills in molecular biology, applied statistics, functional genomics and bioinformatics.

• The effect of PUFA supplementation on female reproductive processes (especially ovulation, luteolysis, pregnancy and parturition) and diseases (infection and immunity).
• PK and PD of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs in farm animals.
• Resistance of bacterial pathogens to antimicrobial drugs: mechanisms and avoidance.
• Gene expression patterns and pathways in female reproductive processes, diseases and treatments, and in the animals with stress.

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