Department: Clinical Science and Services

Campus: Hawkshead

Clinical Groups: Small Animal Internal Medicine

Vanessa is a small animal internal medicine staff clinician.

Vanessa graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London, in 2011. After three years in small animal practice she undertook the rotating internship followed by the residency programme in small animal internal medicine at the RVC between 2014 and 2018. Vanessa has recently re-joined the internal medicine team as a staff clinician. She is interested in all aspects of medicine, although is particularly interested in endocrinology.

Conference presentations (2015-2018):

  • Woolhead V, Whittemore J, Geddes R, Stewart S. A retrospective evaluation of ileocecocolic perforations associated with routine diagnostic lower gastrointestinal endoscopy in dogs and cats. ECVIM 2017
  • Woolhead V, Teo Hwee Wen L, Gostelow R, Scudder C, Harman G, Forcada Y, Church DB, Niessen SJM. Serial changes in insulin-like growth factor 1 and impact on hypersomatotropism-screening in feline diabetes mellitus. ECVIM 2017
  • Scudder C, Hazuchova H, Gostelow R, Woolhead V, Forcada Y, Church DB, Fowkes RC, Niessen SJM. Pilot study assessing the use of cabergoline in the management of diabetic acromeglic cats. ECVIM 2017
  • Niessen SJM, Hazuchova K, Bowles E, Gostelow R, Scudder C, Woolhead V, Darcy H, Forcarda Y, Poppl A, Venzon Varela F, Furrow E, Fleeman L, Church DB. The diabetic clinical score (DCS): evaluation of a simple standardised quantification tool to allow rapid description of clinical signs in diabetic dogs. ECVIM 2017
  • Woolhead V, Forcada Y, Syme H. A case of feline atypical hypoadrenocorticism. SAMSoc 2016

Vanessa is involved in the daily teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate vets and vet nurses within the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals.

  • Diabetic Remission Clinic

    People: Vanessa Woolhead, Hannah Darcy, David Church

    The Diabetic Remission Clinic investigates the optimum management for diabetic cats, and cats in diabetic remission. This includes investigating factors that increase the chance of diabetic remission and prevent cats in remission from relapsing. The clinic is currently running a clinical trial to investigate the benefit of a drug promoting insulin secretion in preventing relapse of diabetes in cats that are already in remission.

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