Department: Pathobiology and Population Sciences

Campus: Hawkshead

Research Centres: Veterinary Epidemiology, Economics and Public Health

Timothée is a post-doctoral researcher particularly interested in animal disease surveillance and transmission of infectious diseases. After having spent three years to contribute to the understanding of African swine fever transmission in Eastern Europe for identifying efficient control strategies, he now works on the transmission of avian influenza viruses through the movement of free-grazing ducks in Vietnam.

Timothée obtained his degree in veterinary medicine in 2008 from the University of Toulouse, France. He completed his Masters degree on Animal Health and Epidemiology in Tropical Countries (CIRAD, France), where he worked on Trypanosoma evansi in Thailand.

In September 2009, Timothée started his PhD in collaboration with the AGIRs unit at CIRAD and the Epidemiology unit of the French Food Safety Agency (Anses). During the following three years, he worked on the understanding of disease detection processes and the quantitative evaluation of animal disease surveillance systems through capture-recapture methodologies and statistical modelling of disease surveillance data. In doing so, he used several case studies including scrapie in France, foot-and-mouth disease in Cambodia and highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) in Thailand and Egypt.

In November 2012, he joined the RVC as a post-doctoral researcher.

Since June 2013, Timothée is a resident of the European College of Veterinary Public Health.

From his PhD, Timothée kept a strong interest in animal health surveillance, particularly in the evaluation of surveillance systems. Therefore, he keeps trying to develop and promote quantitative evaluation methods through multi-source capture-recapture approaches or zero-inflated modelling approaches. In the framework of the European project RISKSUR, he also participates actively to the elaboration of an integrated evaluation framework for animal health surveillance systems.

From 2012 to 2015, Timothée lead two work-packages of the European project ASFORCE, dedicated to the epidemiology of the African swine fever virus in Eastern Europe where the disease emerged in 2007. His research focused on the identification of risk factors for ASF in the Russian federation and the dynamical modelling of the spread of this disease in Georgia and Russia since its introduction in 2007. 

Timothée currently coordinates the RVC involvements in the European project LinkTADs, trying to create bridges between Europe and China and between laboratory research and research in epidemiology (2013 - 2016).

He also coordinates a research project funded by the British Council on avian influenza in Vietnam aiming at assessing the role of free-grazing ducks in the maintenance of the circulation of influenza A viruses (2015 - 2017).

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