Department: Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Campus: Camden

Research Groups: Musculoskeletal Biology, CPCS (Research Programme)

Tej’s research focuses on the regulation of normal development/regeneration and mechanisms of dysregulated growth in tumour tissues. This research endeavour takes advantage of the differential functional activities of Sulf1/Sulf2 variants discovered by their group in growth driving signalling pathways that lend themselves as therapeutic targets

The role of Sulf1 and Sulf2 variants in the regulation of normal development and its relevance to unregulated tumour growth: Recently discovered extracellular Sulfatases, Sulf1 and Sulf2, regulate the activities of multiple growth factors and signalling molecules. We are characterising further variants of these enzymes and the mechanisms of their differential actions in the regulation of normal cell growth of musculoskeletal elements including neuronal and endothelial cells. The irregularities in the regulation of these enzyme variants is being investigated in tumour tissues though their direct effect on tumour cell and indirect effect through angiogenesis.

Patel, K; Simbi, B H; Ritvos, O; Vaiyapuri, S; Dhoot, G K.
Dysregulated cell signalling and reduced satellite cell potential in ageing muscle.
Experimental Cell Research, 2019


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