Department: Clinical Sciences and Services

Campus: Camden

Simone Kirby, lecturer in veterinary dentistry. Simone heads the clinical dental referral service, operating out of the Camden-site at the Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital, central London.

Simone Kirby qualified from the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany in 1992. She is a European and RCVS-recognised Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry.

Her interest in the dental care of small animals began early on as a veterinary student, and she has been a member of the British Veterinary Dental Association since 1996, including one year as BVDA-president in 2011. Simone's skills in veterinary dentistry were shaped at the University of Pennsylvania, where she completed a residency. She became a Diplomate of the European Veterinary Dental College in 2004, and has worked in veterinary dental referral work near London ever since.

Simone is frequently involved in teaching veterinary dentistry to students and veterinarians, both at the RVC and at national and international conferences, and is a contributing author of veterinary dentistry books.

Her clinical work includes challenging extractions, root canal treatments, orthodontic treatments and surgery of the oral cavity, with main emphasis on dentistry in cats and dogs.

Interest in defining and analysing the prevalence of traumatic caudal mucositis in British Shorthair Cats and related breeds, and determining its relationship with gingival hyperplasia in these breeds.

Interest in cataloguing under-documented oro-facial anatomy:

  • Variations in the radiographic appearance of the rostral mandible and symphysis in the cat
  • Variations in the eruption of the permanent dentition in dogs, particularly in breeds known to erupt late

“Oral Examination and Recording”, chapter co-author in the new 4th edition of the BSAVA-Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry, publication date t.b.a.

“Feline Dentistry – how to deal with root remnants”, Companion Animal, June 2015, Vol 20 333-338

“Extractions in Feline Dentistry: What to do when tooth resorption is present”, Companion Animal, March 2014, Vol 19 2-8

“Closed Jaw Locking In Cats And Dogs: A Review”, BVDA Journal Summer 2010

“Clinical Situation in Odontology”, Case report in the English special edition of Consulta de Difusion Veterinaria, Vol 18, 1, January 2010

Chapter-author, chapter 10 “Other oral conditions”, 3rd edition of “The BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry”,  2007

Simone has co-tutored the BVDA practical days at Cambridge and Bristol university from 2002 until 2012.

From 2012 until 2013 she has been guest-lecturer at the RVC, and part-time lecturer since 2014 until present. Simone became Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, obtaining her postgraduate certificate in Veterinary Education in 2016.

Simone has been involved in post-graduate teaching for the past 15 years, both at a national and international level.

Specialist veterinary dental referral service as a visiting consulant at private Hertfordshire practices since 2004. Simone has started a veterinary dental referral service at the RVC in 2014 at the Camden-site, which attracts referrals not only from Central London but also from neighbouring counties. Clients are prepared to travel far for highly individualised specialist expertise and personal attention.

Reasons for referrals include amongst others:

  • Rootcanal treatment and other tooth-saving procedures
  • Orthodontic assessment and treatments in cases with medical indication
  • Gingival mass lesions (epulides)
  • Treatment for gingival hyperplasia
  • Tailor-made periodontal disease treatments
  • Dental radiography for dogs and cats with dental resorption
  • Stomatitis
  • Feline Oro-facial Pain Syndrome
  • Tooth sub-luxations

Board-member of the European Veterinary Dental College 

Facilitator for the Student Chapter of the European Veterinary Dental Society at the RVC

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