Department: Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Campus: Camden

Research Centres: RVC Animal Welfare Science and Ethics

Research Supervisor: Professor Dominic Wells

Nur is a PhD student supervised by Prof. Dominic Wells & Dr. Charlotte Burn. Her research interest has always been about improving animal welfare, especially of laboratory rodents.

Nur graduated with Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2007. Following graduation she was offered a position as a teaching staff at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia. In 2010, she completed a Master’s degree in Veterinary Science (Laboratory Animal Science) at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Based on her Master’s degree research on welfare impact of blood collection methods in mice, Nur was awarded JALAS International Award by the Japanese Association of Laboratory Animal Science in May 2012. LASA had awarded her a sum of bursary to attend the Conference for Laboratory Animal Science & Technology in Kyushu, Japan where the award ceremony was held.

Nur started her PhD study at the Royal Veterinary College in October 2011. Since then, she has presented her research findings in several events including the UFAW Animal Welfare Conference (2012, 2014), NC3Rs Animal Technician’s Symposium (2012) & RSPCA/UFAW Rodent Welfare Meeting (2014).

Nur's PhD research is about assessing the welfare consequences of different identification methods in laboratory mouse, primarily by looking at behavioural changes and stress responses.

MAZLAN, N.H., LOPEZ-SALESANKSY, N., BURN, C.C., & WELLS D.J. (2014) Mouse identification methods and potential welfare issues: a survey of current practice in the UK. Animal Technology and Welfare 13: 1-10

*Mazlan et al. (2014) was awarded the Animal Technology and Welfare 2014 Journal Prize by Institute of Animal Technology

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